School is Closed (Because It’s SO Snowy)

Wake Tech is closed again on Friday, February 14…

…but here is a grammar lesson for you to watch at home:

After you watch, see if you can complete these sentences with “so” and “such.” If you have questions about them, ask your teacher on Monday. Have a great weekend!

  1. The roads are __________ dangerous that we can’t drive.
  2. Snow is __________ a beautiful thing, but ice on the road is __________ scary.
  3. All the teachers at the Church of Christ are __________ great!
  4. Everyone is __________ bored because they’ve been sitting at home for three days.
  5. This will be __________ a long weekend.
  6. You are all __________ great students!
  7. It was __________ hot on the 3rd floor of the church on Monday.
  8. The kids had __________ a good time playing in the snow.
  9. Next week, the weather is going to be __________ warm.
  10. The weather in NC can be __________ strange.

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