Making Plans – Future Tense

Spring is a time to start new activities and make plans for projects.  It’s a good time to learn about the future tense.

There are two main ways to talk about the future:

  • use will before the main verb
  • use the be  (am, is, are) verb  +  going to + the main verb

We can use either form when we are predicting something in the future like weather.

It will rain tomorrow.  / It is going to rain tomorrow.

She will succeed in her new job.    /  She is going to succeed in her new job.

If you have a plan in place to do something in the future,  we  use “Be going to” and not “will”.

I have an appointment for next week and I’m going to cut my hair.    (Correct)

I have an appointment for next week and  I will cut my hair.    (Not used this way).

If you just made a decision about something in the future ( did not plan to do it), we use “will”. We don’t use  “Be going to”.

Joe invited me to a party tonight.   I will get a hair cut this afternoon before the party.

You can’t carry that heavy bag. I‘ll help you.

This video go over the when you use each form and other ways you can talk about future actions

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