Level 3/4 Presentations

Last week, Angela’s level 3/4 students prepared presentations about something interesting in their countries. They chose a city or popular tourist attraction and did a 5-minute presentation about it in front of the class. They did a wonderful job!

Photo by instructor A. Thompson

Photo by instructor A. Thompson

Photo by instructor A. Thompson

Photo by instructor A. Thompson

Tips for Giving a Presentation

If you have to give a presentation in class, here are a few suggestions to help you.

  1. Prepare your speech – Some students are comfortable talking in front of the class without much preparation, but most students need to think hard about what they will say. Write down your speech, and check your grammar.
  2. Do not copy from the internet – It’s easy to find lots of great information online, and many students think, “This English is perfect. I can’t write better than this. I’ll just copy it.” However, in American culture, this is very bad. For Americans, original words and ideas are VERY important. If you copy from the internet, you must say that you found the information online and give the name of the website. Also, your teacher wants to see your English skills, not the internet’s English skills. It is always better to write your own original words.
  3. Get comfortable with your speech – Practice your speech a lot so that you don’t have to look at your notes all the time. When you are giving a presentation, you should look at your audience (class), not your paper. You can hold your paper in case you forget, but you shouldn’t read from it the whole time.
  4. Practice in the mirror – Stand in front of a mirror, and practice your whole speech. Make sure you are looking at yourself in the mirror more than looking down at your notes.
  5. Practice with another person – When you practice alone, you know what you are saying, but your pronunciation might not be clear to other people. When you practice with another person (a classmate, friend, or family member), the other person can tell you when your pronunciation is not clear. Ask your teacher for help with words that are difficult to pronounce.

Your Turn

What would you like to add to the list of suggestions? What is helpful for you when you give a presentation?

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