U.S. vs. Japan

How long have you lived in Raleigh? How does Raleigh compare with your previous city? Which do you like better? Probably you have had both positive and negative feelings about living in Raleigh.

Sometimes you love Raleigh. Sometimes you hate Raleigh.

I lived in Japan for two years, from 2010-2012. For the most part, I enjoyed my time there! I lived in a city called Takasaki, in Gunma Prefecture. It is in the middle of Japan. Sometimes, I loved Japan. Sometimes, I hated Japan.

Every city has good parts and bad parts. Let’s look at Takasaki and Raleigh.

1. Takasaki is smaller than Raleigh. About 375,000 people live in Takasaki. About 423,000 people live in Raleigh.

2. The streets in Takasaki are narrower than the streets in Raleigh.

3. But, my car in Japan was bigger than my car in the U.S. This caused some problems sometimes.

4. The customer service was better in Takasaki than in Raleigh. Employees were usually friendlier and nicer in Takasaki.

5. The streets were cleaner in Takasaki than in Raleigh.

6. Takasaki is colder than Raleigh in the winter. Homes usually don’t have central heating. Sometimes my vegetables would freeze in the kitchen. My olive oil froze once, too.

7. The supermarket in Takasaki was closer to my apartment than the supermarket in Raleigh.

8. Public transportation is more convenient in Japan than in North Carolina. There are more trains and buses.

9. T-shirts are stranger in Japan than in the U.S.

10. Raleigh is more diverse than Japan. Foreigners are not rare in Raleigh. Foreigners are very rare in Japan. People stare.

When we compare two things, we use “comparatives.” Usually, this means adding –er to an adjective.

Tall –>  taller

Short –> shorter

Close –> closer

Big –> bigger

If the word has 2 syllables or more, we put “more” in front of it:

Interesting–> more interesting

Frustrating –> more frustrating

Exhausted –>  more exhausted

Beautiful –> more beautiful

The formula is:

A is ___er/more ____ than B.

Raleigh is bigger than Takasaki.

Downtown Raleigh is more exciting than downtown Takasaki.

You can see more comparisons here.

Tell us! How does your city compare with Raleigh?

Finish these sentences in the comments section.  Add more if you’d like!

I am from ________________________.

Raleigh is ___________________________ than my city.

My city is ______________________________ than Raleigh.

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