Colloquial English

Do you think the English you learn in school is different than the English you hear at work or on the street? It probably is! There are many different levels of English. You speak different English in different situations:

  • At school
  • At work
  • With your friends
  • At a party

Probably, you do the same thing in your language. You speak very politely to your supervisor at work. You speak very casually to your family members. The language you use depends on the situation.

Let’s look at how some things change. I will call them “Formal” and “Casual” English. People use formal English with people they respect. They use casual English with their friends and family.

Remember, not all casual English is “good,” “correct,” or “proper” English. But you will hear it.


Formal: Do you have a pencil?                             Casual: You got a pencil? or You have a pencil?

Formal: I don’t agree with that idea.                     Casual: Man, that’s a terrible idea!

Formal: He isn’t here right now.                            Casual: He ain’t here.

What have you heard? What are some examples you know?

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