Just a Cold

I was sick this week but let me tell you about it using those pesky idioms or phrases that are so hard to understand!

First of all, I was fit as a fiddle (feeling healthy) on Sunday when I had friends over for dinner.  I did notice that I had a little frog in my throat (difficulty speaking because  throat feels dry) and I had to clear my throat several times (cough lightly to regain normal voice). I thought I was just laughing too much but it was the first symptoms of my cold.

On Monday, I woke up feeling under the weather (not feeling well). I had a hoarse voice  (raspy sounding) and a sore throat. I was definitely coming down with something  (the start of an illness) and it turned out that I caught a cold  (get a cold). I started coughing but it wasn’t too bad at first.

That night, the cough kept coming back and waking me up.  I woke up on Tuesday with a stuffy nose. I kept needing to blow my nose  (attempt to clear nose) all day and I started to sneeze too.

On Wednesday , I took a turn for the worse (get sicker) and by Thursday I was as sick as a dog (extremely unwell). I had a racking cough (a dry, frequent, violent, cough) that didn’t let me sleep and knocked me out (made extremely tired).

I kept trying all sorts of remedies, cough drops, cough syrup, hot teas with lemon and honey, aspirin, lots of fluids and of course Mom’s chicken soup. I ate quite a bit of spicy Chinese food in an attempt to feed a cold and stave a fever .Finally some maximum strength cough suppressant and sudafed turned the tide (made a change).

Finally, I’m on the road to recovery (feeling better) and soon I will be the picture of health (example of good health). 

I hope my cold helped you understand some of these health idioms a bit better.

Take care of yourselves… there is a bug going around (infection being passed)

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