Learn English with Wonderful Interactive Books

I’ve recently found a new site that has some wonderful interactive books that help you learn verb tenses and other English topics.

The website, Let’s Have Fun with English, is hosted by Mrs. Haquet, a British teacher, so there is a bit of a British (UK) feel to the spelling and grammar but the American (US) version is also given. Here are the current Interactive books.

Basics Verb Tense + Topic Holidays
Numbers Present Be and Personality
Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives Present Simple Have /Have got
Adverbs of Frequency and Chores Present Simple (Be and Have) and Physical Descriptions St. Valentine’s Day
Comparatives Present Simple and Time and Daily Routines St. Patrick’s Day
 Prepositions of location and Places in Town Present Simple (like, love, hate) and Hobbies Halloween
Rooms in a House Present Simple vs Present Continuous Thanksgiving
Can (Talents) Present Simple /Present Continuous and Jobs Christmas
Must and Mustn’t Present Simple /Present Continuous and Clothes
Simple Past and Dates
Present Perfect  and  Countries
4 Verb tenses and Asking Questions

Be sure to try out the interactive vocabulary exercises too!

The link to this website can always be found on  under English Lesson Online, More English Online page.

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