Easy Reading Career Series

The Alberta Learning Information Service  (ALIS) website is a gateway to information about career planning, education and jobs. Although it is a Canadian service, a lot of the information can be used for American ESL students.  The Occupations Info page is a great resource to get general info on an occupation, what are the job requirements and whether your personality suits the job. Discover how much you can earn and what your duties will be

They have an Easy Reading Career Series that has great information that beginners and intermediate students will be comfortable with.  You can find the series by going to their Publications page  and selecting “Easy Reading” under the Category pull down menu. Below are links to a subset of workbooks that may be the most interesting to our students.

Work and You Book 1: Make Some Job Choices –  has stories, checklists and exercises to help create a short list of jobs to investigate based on your interests and needs.

Work and You Book 2: Decide on a Job: learn how to research and evaluate short list of jobs from Book 1. 

Job Profiles – 24 occupational profiles. Each includes personal stories, an online dictionary and information on wages, requirements and working conditions.  The following links are to individual profiles

Baker                                        Carpenter

Cook                                        Counter Person

Day Care Worker                   Dry Cleaning Person

Floor Covering Installer          Furniture Mover

Health Care Aide                   Heavy Equipment Operator

Housekeeping Attendant     Janitor

Kitchen Helper                        Labourer

Landscape Gardener            Meat Cutter

Pet Groomer                            Production Worker

Roofer                                       Salesperson

Security Guard                         Server

Shelf Stocker                             Truck Driver

Dictionary – explains everything from apprenticeship to works well under pressure terms used in job profiles.

Training for Work – covers setting training goals and plan and explores different learning styles, advantages and disadvantages of various training options, and where to look for training opportunities.

Find a Job –  covers how to write a resumé and cover letter, where to look for a job, how to fill out application forms  and how to have a good interview.

Keep Your Job – covers: what employers want, building good work skills and attitudes, workplace rights and responsibilities and making sure their job is a good fit.

Be Safe at Work – discusses work hazards and safety recommendations. Although it discusses Alberta’s law much of the info is valid for America.