Reading Materials (photo by WT Instructor Jaimie Newsome)

Reading Materials (photo by WT Instructor Jaimie Newsome)

Words are everywhere. You read every day.

You read street signs.

You read labels at the supermarket.

You read your mail (bills, etc.).

You probably read texts on your phone, and advertisements (ads, publicity) on TV and on paper.

There are other things to read. Maybe you read the newspaper, magazines, or novels. Maybe you read instructions when you need to assemble something. Maybe you read inventory sheets, emails, or accident/leave request forms at work. And of course, you read at school!

Reading is important. Practicing reading is like practicing anything else. It takes time. It takes energy. But if you practice reading a lot, you will soon be able to read fluently — quickly, easily, and naturally.

Here is a list of good sites to help you practice reading:


Rong-Chang:  Links to Reading practice for all levels.  This particular one  is Super Easy Reading with stories under 50 words and using only simple present tense.

StickyBall –  3 levels of lessons on different topics . Each include a reading selections and then comprehension and discussion questions.

Spreeder – is really a site to improve your reading speed. You can drop any reading selection into their tool.

Best of the Reader – has 14 e-books. Each e-book has 8-10 stories with exercises and activities.  Examples of the books available are People and Jobs, Families, Amazing Stories, Keeping Safe and Your Health

Levels 1, 2, 3

ESL Fast: Level 1, 2, and 3 reading practice

EL/Civics: All the topics have small reading section. Some have links to reading worksheets

English Express –  Short articles at multiple levels with good visuals and optional audio readings. In addition to the articles, check out the personal stories too.

Storyline Online – Great children’s books read online by famous people. Use close captioned (CC) on YouTube to read along with speaker.

LEVELS 4, 5, 6

Cool Sites for ESL Students: Level 3, 4, 5, and 6 reading practice

InterLink: Level 3, 4, 5, and 6 reading practice

Time For Kids:  Current events articles  – more advanced reading

Do you know any other good sites?