Rules, rules, and more rules! In life, rules are all around us. Some rules are important to follow: Don’t drive through a red light. Some rules are often ignored: Don’t walk on the grass. Some people like to know the rules and follow them while others couldn’t care less.

English grammar is the set of rules that describe the structure of English and how we use words in phrases, sentences and expressions. Some students love grammar rules while others prefer to learn English just by using it.

This page has links to websites that teach grammar from the basics to more advanced topics. Some sites only have lessons and exercises while some others may be more fun. We hope you find the sites that help you learn grammar “your way.”

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Adele’s ESL Corner  This site doesn’t have lessons but does have MANY grammar practice exercises. It is particularly good for beginning and intermediate students.

Edufind – English Grammar – This site discusses grammar usage and rules. It has examples but no exercises or activities.

English Grammar 101 – Step by step lessons explain grammar points and gives lots of examples of each one.

English Grammar Online (hilfen) – This has grammatical explanations, exercises, and tests.

English Grammar Online 4U –  This site has lessons for many grammar topics, especially verb tenses. Lessons have links to exercises, quizzes, and other activities (reading, games, etc). Most activities are divided by difficulty level.

English Page  –  This page has a grammar book with lessons and exercises to practice them. Grammar topics are not grouped by level but do range from basic rules to advanced rules and usage.

Grammar Aquarium – Online grammar exercises with matching printable worksheets.  Grammar point explanations (notes) are links to other grammar sites.

Grammar Bytes – Grammar Instruction with an Attitude. This site has lessons, exercises, handouts and presentations.

Grammar Quizzes –  There are lots of exercises on many grammar topics. Each topic starts with a “diagnostic” test to understand the specific topic that is difficult for you. After, you can link to an explanation of those rules. This is good for beginners to advanced students

Grammar Secrets – This site has grammar explanations followed by a series of exercises for each point.

Interactive Grammar Quizzes  – This has hundreds of quizzes on grammar points.

Learn English Feel Good – This is a large list of online grammar exercises for specific topics listed by difficulty level.  It also has an extensive list of grammar worksheets you can print.

Non Stop English – many interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises set-up at different levels

Road to Grammar – lessons, games,exercises to help you with grammar points

Study Zone – University of Victoria Language Center –  Choose a level and start! Or use the Grammar Index to find a specific grammar topic. Each topic has a lesson and some exercises.

Using English – This site has a great glossary of grammar terms. Each glossary item has a definition (a mini- lesson) explaining that grammar term and then links to several  “quizzes” (exercises) related to it. They are divided by difficultly level.  The site is also a great reference point for English phrasal verbsidioms  and irregular verbs.

Wacky Web Tales – This site focuses on parts of speech. You supply requested parts of speech (a noun , verb, adjective, etc.) and your answers create a funny story.

Do you have any other grammar sites you love?