Class / Textbook Resources

This page will help you find online resources related to popular English textbooks or reference books. Some may be for books you use in your Wake Tech ESL class. You can even find some English textbooks completely online!

Crossroads Cafe

Note: The Crossroads Cafe videos are no longer available for free online.

Textbook Series 

Each of these links has additional exercises matching textbook levels.

Great Writing  – Keith  Folse


These links are for the 3rd edition ( earlier one than what we have in our classrooms) but exercises are still perfect for us. For each link, select a chapter and then select “Web Activities” from the left hand menu.


Grammar Links  – downloads for activities, writing models, quizzes and more

Betty Azar’s English Grammar Series (Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced)

Oxford Picture Dictionary Workplace Skills Builder – Has videos and audio exercises

Townsend Press  –  Has several “samples” exercises for Reading / Writing/ Vocabulary texts


Full English Textbooks Online – (PDF format)

If you know of any more ESL textbooks or reference books that are online or have online related activities, please add a comment to this page and tell us about them.