Learn English Online

Here are good sites to start learning English online. These sites have lessons: some have topics, and some have grammar. Usually there are related activities to help you practice.

Please post a comment about your experiences with them and tell us about any we missed!

This site, Learn American English Online, has 7 different levels of English instruction, divided by color. Blue is easy. Violet is difficult. It teaches American English through videos, lessons, exercises, quizzes, and activities.

Screenshot capture by JLN, 10/10/2014

Screenshot capture by JLN, 10/10/2014

USA Learns is another very helpful website. You sign up for free and start an individual course. You practice reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and listening. There are three different levels to choose from.

Screenshot capture by JLN, 10/10/2014

Screenshot capture by JLN, 10/10/2014

5 Minute English  has short but helpful  grammar, reading, vocabulary, listening and pronunciation lesson

Daily Classroom from Fun, Easy English has a set of lessons that span a year and will guide you step by step.

El Civics –  Great site for civics lessons, ESL, life skills and holiday lessons. Most are at the beginner level but higher students can use some of the activities, too.

ESOL Courses – Has lessons on various topics at five levels of difficulty, plus interactive vocabulary games and activities. It is a British site, but it also has lessons on American culture and holidays.

ESL Partyland – Has some lessons on different topics but has many quizzes / games on grammar, idioms, slang and vocabulary at different levels of difficulty.

Let’s Have Fun with English ( Mrs Haquet’s site) – Amazing set of lessons in interactive books, games and PowerPoint presentations. Many of the interactive books combine a grammar point with another theme ( i.e Be and Have verbs with Physical Description). It does use some British English grammar and spelling but it usually points out the American equivalent too.   This table is a quick way to get to the interactive books

Basics Verb Tense + Topic Holidays
Numbers Present Be and Personality  
Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives Present Simple Have /Have got  
Adverbs of Frequency and Chores Present Simple (Be and Have) and Physical Descriptions St. Valentine’s Day
Comparatives Present Simple and Time and Daily Routines St. Patrick’s Day
 Prepositions of location and Places in Town Present Simple (like, love, hate) and Hobbies Halloween
Rooms in a House Present Simple vs Present Continuous Thanksgiving
Can (Talents) Present Simple /Present Continuous and Jobs Christmas
Must and Mustn’t Present Simple /Present Continuous and Clothes  
  Simple Past and Dates  
  Present Perfect  and  Countries  
  4 Verb tenses and Asking Questions  


LEO – Learn English Online – Has Beginner and Intermediate lessons.

OM Basic English Course  –  Provides twenty (20) lessons for beginner and low intermediate students. It has audio support for some parts. It is made for Spanish speakers and uses both Spanish and English in the lessons and directions.

REEP World – Has terrific family, health and work lessons. Also has citizenship resources and wide range of ESL links.

Stickyball Adult ESL Lessons – Has reading passages with comprehension questions and related grammar points.

Web-ESL – Adult and Family Education – Has many multi-skill activities /mini lessons under broad topics of Family, Shopping, Jobs, Community, Health, Community, Transportation & Recreation, Computers, and Grammar