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If you want to practice a specific topic, click on the links below it. Look at the “Great Videos” page to find any videos on the same topic.

Also look at English For Everyone for a outstanding range of worksheets on specific topics.

Adjectives – Adjectives give descriptions. They describe a noun. You can read about adjectives here and here.   Remember that in English, the adjective comes BEFORE the noun. Look below for comparing adjectives (Comparatives and Superlatives).


  • OWL lesson on definite and indefinite articles (a, an, the)


Classroom Language





  • Community Names 1  (bakery, bank, fire station, hospital, laundromat, house, library,mall, park,pharmacy, post office, school, supermarket)
  • Community Names 2  (police station, parking lot, court house, airport, gym, subway, zoo, bus station,  gas station, florist)
  • Community Names 3 (bookstore, clinic, hotel, church, city hall, museum, synagogue, cinema, mosque)

Comparatives and Superlatives

Tokyo is bigger than Raleigh. Tokyo is the biggest city in the world.

Read about comparatives and superlatives here and here. Then enjoy some practice!

Conjunctions  (Fanboys) 

Count / NonCount 

You can count some words in English (table, chair, bag, radio) but you can’t count other words (coffee, flour, ice, peace). Sometimes it is difficult to remember what you can count and what you can’t. You can practice them here:




House Repairs

Parts of Speech

Personal Info


       In, on, under, next to . . . where?


Shopping Dialogs  – Match dialog sentences



WH – Questions    

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