Side By Side Videos

This page contains links to YouTube videos that match the dialogs in chapters of Side By Side.

Here is a link to an overall playlist with all the videos: Side by Side Playlist.

Side By Side Book 1


Side By Side Book 2

12 thoughts on “Side By Side Videos

  1. You can either ask your teacher or order them online at I don’t think Wake Tech sells them in the bookstore.

  2. I am volunteering to teach ESL in Haiti; do you sale videos along with side by side books? Video accompaniment will be very helpful to foreign students.

  3. Our page is just referencing videos found on the internet. To buy Side-by-Side books or videos you may want to try Amazon.

  4. Thank you! I use this site all the time for my ESOL planning! It’s my favorite resource!

  5. This is fabulous. Thank you so much. I’m teaching online for the first time and this is so helpful as I used to use these videos all the time in my classroom. Just one observation for you: I don’t see episode 3. It looks like episode 3 got skipped and after that the numbers are off.

  6. The episode number you see in the video does not directly correspond to the chapter in the Side by Side book. Episode 3 is not skipped. It is part of the Chapter 2 set. There are other chapters that have multiple episode videos so the further you go down the greater the difference between the Chapter number and episode number

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