How to Use Career Builder to Find Jobs

1.  On the left side of this website, you can see the phrase “Job Resources”.  Under “Job Resources”, click on “Career Builder” Job Search Website.  I took some pictures to help you see how to use this website.  If it is difficult to see the pictures on your computer, click on the pictures to make them bigger and more clear.

2.  Under “Keywords”, type a job skill that you have.  For example, maybe I have cooking experience.  I type “cook” under “Keywords”.  Under “Location”, type your zip code.  For example, maybe I am a student who lives near Wade Avenue.  I type the zip code “27607”.  Then, I click “Find Jobs”.

Picture 1

3.  For this example, I found 84 job opportunities!  Maybe I don’t have time to carefully read 84 job ads today.  I want to find the cook jobs that are best for me.  I click on “Advanced Search“.

Picture 2

4.  Now I have many options to find the best jobs for me.  Maybe I need a job that is very close to my apartment.  Under “Include Jobs Within“, I will select “5 miles“.  I only want jobs that were posted recently.  I don’t want old job opportunities, so under “Include Jobs Posted Within“, I will select “Last 7 Days“.  Then, I click on the orange “Find Jobs” link at the bottom left corner of this screen.

Picture 3

5.  Now I have 18 job ads.  I have time to carefully read 18 job opportunities today.  I begin looking at the job options by clicking on each of the orange links below “Search Results“.

Picture 4

6. Now it is your turn to look for jobs!  Good luck!

If you have any questions about searching for jobs on, type your questions in the “Leave a Reply” box below.


2 thoughts on “How to Use Career Builder to Find Jobs

  1. Hello
    1)I don not understand,What is the meaning select a job category?
    2)when I want find job at first ,what should I do?
    because in application always ask me,what did do you?
    3)I do not understand about short something,maybe diploma,
    finished high school,graduated in college after diploma in 2 ,or 4 years
    for example d.s

  2. Hello Mozhdeh!
    Thank you for your questions.
    1. “Job Category” means the type of job that you are looking for. If you click on “Job Category”, you should see a list of jobs (for example, teacher, cook, construction worker, engineer).
    2. What jobs are you looking for? If you tell me what skills you have, I can post jobs that may interest you. You can also search for jobs on any of the job websites on the left under “General Job Search Links”. I would recommend that you start with “The Raleigh Beehive” Job Search Website.
    3. This is the number of years of education that you have in your country. 11 to 12 years of education (depending on the country) means “high school diploma”. Did I understand your question correctly?
    Good luck with your job search!

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