For Students Who Have Degrees from Another Country

Do you have a university degree from outside of the United States?  This degree may help you to find a job in the United States.

Who decides whether your degree has value in the United States?  There are three authorities who can make this decision: the company that hires you, the university that you apply to study at in the United States, and/or a credential evaluation service.  To learn more about the United States’ policy on foreign degrees click here.  This website also has a link to a comprehensive list of credential evaluation services for many careers and advice for finding work and studying in the United States with the help of foreign degrees.

2 thoughts on “For Students Who Have Degrees from Another Country

  1. I have math degree from The university of Jordan , I looking for job from last September , any person can help me her plz

  2. How were you hoping to use your math degree, Ola? Do you want to be an engineer, an accountant, or something else? I will look for jobs related to math and post them for you.


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