Finding Jobs with Linked-in

In the United States, many people find jobs by networking.  A person networks by talking to friends and acquaintances about finding a job.  People that you know may have resources or contacts that can help you to find a job.  Maybe they know the name of a good website you can use.  Maybe they work at a company you want to work for and can give you the contact information of the manager, so that you can submit your resume directly to the manager.

Linked-in is a website that helps people to network.  It is similar to social websites like Facebook, but unlike Facebook, this website is only about networking for jobs and helping people to make friends to find jobs.

Do you have to be unemployed or looking for a job to be on Linked-in?  No, many people are on linked in to make professional contacts while they have a job.  This can also help people who are employed to learn about promotions and better jobs within their current company.

Now we are going to learn how to sign up for Linked-in.

1.  When you click on Linked-in, you will see this page.  Type your first name, your last name, your email address, and choose a password.  Then, click “Join now”.

Picture 5

2.  Search for people that you know by typing their names into the “search for people” space at the top of the screen.  Then, click on the blue button to the right.


3.  To enter information about your jobs and eduction, move the mouse over the word the “Profile” at the top of the screen.  Then, click “Edit Profile”.

To add a job, click “Add Position”.  Type the name of the company you are working for now or the name of a company you worked for before.  Then, type the name of the job under “Title”.  Type the city, state, country, or address under “Location”.  Then, click on the month and year that you began working there.  If you work there now, click “I currently work here.”  If you do not work there now, click on the month and year that you finished working there.  Type a list of duties or responsibilities under “Description”.  Then, click “Save”.  Here is an example:


To add information about schools and universities you have attended before, click “Add education”.  Type the name of the school, the dates attended, and any other information that you have about the school and what you learned.


4.  Be very careful never to provide an unsafe amount of information where anyone can see it!  You do not need to give private phone numbers, email addresses, or a physical address on your public profile, because professional contacts that you know can message you to ask for more information.  You have to give an email address when you sign up, but this email address is not public.  Not everyone can see it.

5.  Never give a social security number or bank account number to anyone over this website.  A legitimate employer will not ask for this information in a linked-in message.  Most companies ask for your social security number in the official job application.  You will also have to show your social security card in person after you are hired.

Some companies will ask for some of your bank account information to direct deposit your paycheck into your bank account.  These companies will ask for your account information after you are hired.

6.  Remember, all conversations on this website are professional.  Do not write anything in a private message on this website that you would not say in a job interview.

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