2014 Olympic Computer Lesson

2014 Olympic Computer Lesson

Objective: This lesson uses the official Olympic website to incorporate computer skills, navigating a website and geography skills to the ESL classroom.

This lesson will focus on the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia but hopefully it will give you some ideas that you can use with other websites.

Helpful links: www.olympic.org




  • Ask students if they enjoy the Olympics? What is their favorite sport to watch in the winter? Do they know when the next Olympics is?
  • Have your students go to the Olympic website; www.olympic.org from there you can click Olympic games and choose Sochi or just have students follow this link: http://www.olympic.org/sochi-2014-winter-olympics
  • A vocabulary list has not been created but you may want to make one before starting. (torch may be a new vocabulary for some)
  • There are so many things you can do with this website; below are a few questions you can have your students work with a partner to answer.

Work with a partner to answer the following items:

  1. When are the 2014 Winter Olympics? (February 7-February 23)
  2. Where are the 2014 Winter Olympics? (Sochi, Russia)
  3. How many days until the Olympics begin? (will depend on when you do this activity)
  4. Can you find any information about the host city, Sochi? Share 3 facts you learn.
  5. Name 3 sports that you know are in the winter Olympics. (figure skating, speed skating, skiing)
  6. Find on the website, the motto of the Olympics. (The Olympics use sports to make the world a better place for everyone.)
  7. The Olympic torch went to a very unusual place; where did it go and when?  (Went to space on 9-11-13)
  8. Click on the “countries” link and see if your country is participating in the Olympics. Name 5 other countries that you are not familiar with, that are competing.
  9. Which country is the closest to Sochi, Russia? Which is farthest?
  10. There are 12 new sports; can you name 5 of them? (find the article on the opening page)
  11. Click on the “games” link and find how many athletes compete in the winter Olympics and how many compete in the summer games. (winter, 2,500 athletes; summer, 10,500)
  12. Who are some of the athletes to watch, who might be winners in this Olympics? (find link for athletes to watch)
  13. What has been in the news lately that might be a concern for some athletes and fan? (possible terrorist attacks)



Extended activities:

  • Have students click on the official Sochi 2014 site (lower right of Olympic site) and they can do some of their own exploring) http://www.sochi2014.com/en
  • Make a copy of a world map and have students practice prepositions of location asking where different countries are located. (ex: What is between Finland and Norway? What is below China?) You can also practice north, south, east and west with this idea. You can do this same activity with a map of the USA.
  • Have more advanced students do a research activity for homework or in class if you have easy access to technology on a specific country, athlete or sport and actually prepare a presentation to share with the class on the topic.