Paid ESL websites…..Are they worth the money?

money to burn

photo by Patricia Fenn @Dreamstime


With all the free information available on the internet, is it worth it to subscribe to a paid website? What are some of the other pros and cons to paying for access to lesson plans? Do you use a paid subscription website or blog? What other sites do you like? I would love to hear your opinion about using these sites. You can always post a comment in the “LEAVE A REPLY” section!  In the meantime, scroll down the page and take a look at some of the more popular subscription sites, their costs, and offerings.


Lots of ideas Cost of subscription which must be renewed annually
Easy to find information Can’t customize content
Content for all levels Sometimes time consuming to find appropriate content
Print and go!  Limited content for beginners
Implementation ideas
Answer keys

Some popular paid subscription sites: $55.00 per year for lesson plans, worksheets, stories, flashcards.  Free to join, $59 for premium seller status. Open marketplace for teachers to buy, sell, and trade lessons.  $22.00 per year for lesson plans and worksheets  $68.00 per year includes lesson plans, worksheets, podcasts, songs. Updated weekly. Database of 9000 lessons.  Starting at $29.00 per year with a variety of plans offered. Worksheets, lesson plans, board games.