Have you heard of Popplet?

Welcome back teachers! Wishing you all a wonderful semester and lots of fun in the classroom! One recent discovery that can add to the fun is an app called Popplet. It can be used with smartphones, tablets, or computers. Popplet is a great opportunity for collaborative learning, creativity, and application of new English skills.

What is Popplet used for? It allows you to easily create timelines, graphic organizers, and other visual organizational tools.  Pictures and videos can also be incorporated into a popplet. And what’s wonderful for the classroom is that popplets (think of them as pictures of ideas) can be created independently or collaboratively. There are lots of possibilities with this app, and it really is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

Who should use Popplet? Anyone! Teachers can use it to present information to students, or to create something with their class. Students can use it both independently or collaboratively. Think of it as a fancy, interactive graphic organizer.

Want to see how easy it is to create a popplet? Watch this video!

Where can I find Popplet? Just go to www.popplet.com to get an overview of its uses, and create your own popplet right there! Or, go to your app store and download it to your smartphone.

How much does it cost? The first 5 popplets are free, and there are several paid options available as well. A one month subscription is $3.00. There are also institutional rates, and yearly subscriptions.

Tell me, how do you think you could use this app in the classroom?