Worksheet and puzzle generators

There are hundreds of websites available to educators to help in the creation of worksheets and games.  Using a website or any online resource can help you save time, so that you can focus on the more important aspects of being in the classroom! Who wants to spend time cutting and pasting when you can quickly click and create!

Worksheet makers and printable materials. Tools for Educators offersfree printable worksheet makers, online teacher tools and a host of to make materials for lessons, get lesson plan support and printable materials for classes.

Paragraph Scrambler. Type the paragraph. Press “scramble” and DONE!

Free Flashcard Maker.

Puzzle makers.  Create crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, and more word games at these sites.

Cloze creator.  Simple to use. Enter your text, and then highlight words to omit. Then, you can copy and paste into a document. To see how to use this site along with a video, click on this link. It’s pretty cool, and would be great to use in a computer lab.

 Exercise Generator. Create exercises on this BBC website. It’s free, but you must register before using it.

 PAID SITES: This site has lots of different options for classroom use (quiz/cloze/drag and drop/embed on web page). $25.00 annual fee  Here’s an example of how to use the site with student generated activities: Multiple options for creating worksheets, bingo cards, reading activities, word walls, spelling activities, and lots, lots more. $29.99/year.  Multimedia platform. Free and paid versions available.  Reading activities, worksheet and game creator.  $19.99/year.

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