Listening Practice and Activities

Like most things on the internet, the resources for listening practice are abundant. Of course, you can always use and only listen to the video. Or, you can access some of the websites that focus on listening skills.  Here are a few of them, and they cover almost every topic imaginable relevant to the ESL classroom.

Randall’s ESL Lab. Link:     Probably one of the more well known sites, Randall’s ESL Lab has three levels: easy, medium, difficult. In my experience, those labels don’t really correlate to our class levels here at Wake Tech. You’ll need to evaluate each video yourself for appropriate level, but there are lots of choices and follow up activities, such as:

Eslpod.  Link:     This site includes a subscription membership for enhanced activities, but the actual podcast is free. They offer a variety of topics relevant to the ESL classroom. Included in the paid subscription are:

  • An 8-10 page guide for every new podcast episode
  • Complete transcripts (ESL Podcast and English Cafe)
  • Definitions
  • Sample sentences
  • Comprehension questions
  • Additional explanations
  • Cultural notes
  • Podcast newsletter
  • Information on new products and services.

Listen a Minute.  Link:     This site has a variety of listening activities that are listed alphabetically.  It’s free, and includes a transcript for each podcast. Follow up activities are:

  • gap fill
  • word jumble
  • Discussion
  • Survey
  • Spelling
  • Homework suggestions.

VOA News. Link:     Voice of America has been around for a long time, sharing news throughout the world. And, they also have a site dedicated to incorporating news stories into English practice. There are tons of videos and audios. You can select between levels 1, 2, and 3, but these levels don’t correlate directly to Wake Tech class levels. For listening practice, there is an audio section, and they also have the following podcasts:

  • As It Is
  • American Mosaic
  • In the News
  • The Making of a Nation
  • Science in the News
  • This Is America
  • Words and Their Stories

In addition, this site is chock full of resources other than listening activities. Take a look at their Word Book, which is a dictionary of words used in their podcasts, organized by subject.

5 Minute English.  Link:     Listening activities and comprehension questions.

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