Preparing for a parent/teacher conference

pic by Sean Drellinger

pic by Sean Drellinger

There are some good resources on the web to assist us and our students with this quest. Of course, if you have a homogenous class of students who are all parents, you could dedicate some significant class time to this topic. However, that’s not usually the case, so having these resources for home use, small group study, or reinforcement of introductory lessons, could be helpful. In this post we have:

  • Tips for Parents
  • Preparing for a parent/teacher conference, including a lesson plan
  • A listening activity about parent/teacher conferences
  • Vocabulary used in parent/teacher conferences
  • Suggestions from WCPSS on successful conferences
  • A video showing a short parent/teacher conference (good for lower level classes-very simple)
  • A link to We are New York, an English language learning video series that students can access from home. This on is not specifically about PT conferences, but is a good message about the importance of education, and how to advocate for your children and be an involved parent.

Successful Parent/Teacher Conference Tip Sheet. This is from Harvard Family Research Project. It includes information for both educators and parents. Parents’ information begins on page seven.

Preparing for a parent/teacher conference.  This is a wonderful site with an actual lesson plan for ESL teachers and activities for students to learn and practice the English needed for a parent/teacher conference.

ESL Pod Listening Activity about a parent/teacher conference.

Vocabulary for a parent/teacher conference.

Parent Teacher Conference Tips suggestions from WCPSS.

Video from WCPSS about parent/teacher conferences.

Example of a parent/teacher conference. VERY simple video appropriate for lower levels:

We Are New York episode about helping students to stay in school.

How can you use this information?

  • Show a video and discuss it with the class
  • Introduce new vocabulary and practice using it in multiple ways
  • Work with students (the parents) to prepare for the conference (  has some great materials, just click on the link under the Preparing for a parent/teacher conference by scrolling up the page)
  • Students create a parent/teacher dialog
  • Role play a parent/teacher conference
  • Discuss cultural norms and expectations by the educators during a parent/teacher conference.
  • Sequencing activities related to the conference.

How would you use this information?

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