Three Apps for the Classroom That Teachers are Guaranteed to Love!

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to the Teacher Resources blog! So glad to have you!

Let’s start the new “blog year” off right with some new technology sites! What I want to highlight today are a few sites that have really taken off here at the Beltline Center! Maybe some of you heard about a couple of these during Vicky Dolganiuc’s technology report from the TESOL Conference! If you have the opportunity to use the mobile lab, or the I-pads you should definitely check out these sites! Students love them. And for you, they are a wonderful tool for games, assessments, surveys, and more.

KAHOOT. Let’s start with the popular kahoot website! It’s fantastic! You can make it as complicated, or as simple, as you want!  It’s an interactive game that students play on their smartphones or computer. So you can use this app in the computer lab, or in the classroom if your students have smartphones.

Here’s how to use it:

First, create a user name at  There, you can create quizzes, surveys, or polls.

After you select which quiz you want to use, the students log in at using a specific number assigned to you.  From there, start the activity.  After each activity there is a score and feedback on how the students are doing. When finished, you can save the results, and then you have an automatic assessment of how each student is doing.

In the photo below, the picture on the left shows a question that is projected onto the screen. The picture on the right shows what the students see on their smartphones. The answers are color coded and easy to use.

First Grade Chromebook Pre-Assessment

photo by Kevin Jarrett/flickr

QUIZLET. The next great app is at There is nothing simpler! Seriously, in ten minutes you can create an expansive range of vocabulary focused activities! You simply enter the vocabulary words you want the students to learn, assign a picture to each word (available o the website), and you are finished! Everything else is done for you!

When the student logs in to the site, they will find SIX different activities for practicing the vocabulary. The practice ranges from flash cards to concentration to writing. It’s very, very easy for you to create vocabulary lists! The site does all the work for you!

POLL EVERYWHERE. This app allows you to create polls for your students. It’s easy to use, and you simply enter your question, and the students respond on their smartphones (or you can also use it in on a computer). It’s a great way to get immediate insight and feedback from your students.