Blog Blast #3

Now that the summer break is over, we are resuming our Blog Blast series covering the English Blog.

The third category is “English Multi-Skills“.  It’s for sites that provide activities for multiple skill areas (reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, etc). 

Take a moment and click on the highlighted external links  and the …More __ links page

  • Janis’s ESL Links – Organized by topics.  Each sub-topic has links for vocabulary, listening, reading and grammar. 
  • Both Agenda Web  and Many Things ESL  -tons of links for various skills
  • ESL Gold – clearly  breaks out activities by skill area and difficulty level (beg – advanced)   
  • Fun, Easy English – quick, sometimes humorous activities spanning many skill areas
  • …More Multi-Skills Links  – this page contains more links for the same category. Please click on some of this links to see what is available to you and your students.   I recommend looking at English For Everyone… it has GREAT worksheets for your students.