Blog Blast #5

The 5th category in our series of getting to know the English Blog is “Listening”, a topic that includes songs and who doesn’t like music?  This category is focused on practicing listening skills through natural dialogs, dictations and song exercises.

  Let’s first review the highlighted external links:

  • Real English  –  lessons with videos showing random people on the streets from different English speaking countries talking.  
  • Randall’s Listening Lab: Many of you know this site has hundreds of short audios. Choose your level and topic. Listen to a conversation. Take a short quiz to see how much you understood. You can do more vocabulary exercises, too. Great to use in the classroom too!
  • Daily ESL is a new spin-off from Randall’s Lab. It helps students build their speaking skills  through Conversation Starters centered around every day topics.
  • Dictation Finder – index that  makes it easy to find a dictation topic you like at the right level for you.
  • Talk English – has over 900 short audio /video lessons around every day conversions, business dialogs and grammar structures.
  • Learn English Through Songs –  Each video explains the vocabulary in the song
  • Lyrics Gap Exercises   and Lyrics Training both have hundreds of popular songs with pre-made exercises at easy,medium, hard levels.  Listen up and fill in missing words in the song lyrics.

We have two page of more links here – one focused on songs  ….Song Links and the second on any other type of listening activities    ….More Listening Links. Please look through some of the links on these pages to see what is available.