American English Resources

The U.S Department of State has a great website called American English. It is a resource center for teaching and learning about American English language and culture. The website provides a variety of engaging materials and resources for teachers’ professional development and for students in the classroom. 

There is a wealth of information there and I encourage you to spend time looking at it. I’m highlighting just a few of the resources that may be of most help to our classes.  Note: If you get a “Not Found” message – retry  the link (may need to do a few times)  and it will appear.  This happened to me several times but the material always appeared eventually.

Teaching Four Skills  –  breaks out various books / presentations by skill   

  • Developing Writing is a writing skills text designed for beginners 
  • In The Loop is a reference guide to American English idioms.  Don’t get mislead by Part 1 which is an extensive but boring list of idioms. Look at Part 2 that summarizes key idioms by category and especially Part 3 that has good activities for teaching idioms. Useful for intermediate to advanced classes.
  • Dialogs for Everyday Use is  one of 3 books of short situational dialogs 
  • The Color Vowel Chart helps teachers incorporate pronunciation into lessons
  • Americans Teens Talk! are interviews of American high school students – Real-life language ! Each interview is about 2-3 pages but have vocabulary notes and additional discussion ideas. 

US Culture

  • About the U.S.A. – lots of info on holidays.  customs, government, and history of the U.S. All set up in a    “activity” format so it would be very easy to make classroom ready worksheets. 
  • Celebrate! Holidays in the U.S.A. discusses  federal  and several other popular holidays each in a stand-alone unit suitable for advanced / ERV classes.
  • Activate Games –  board games that offer interactive English language practice . Also has a template so you can create your own.

The American English Webinars is a huge collection of online teacher training seminars for professional development. 

The English Teaching Forum – is a quarterly journal with articles written by teachers for teachers, with classroom ideas and activities. There is a searchable  archive of past journals.