Finding the Right Career Civics Lesson

Civics computer lesson Int-Adv

Civics computer lesson: Finding the right career for you (Intermediate to Advanced)

This is labeled an Intermediate to Advanced level lesson because of the amount of reading involved in it. There are a lot of visuals once you click on the link so an intermediate to low student might be able to follow this lesson if they are familiar with computers.

Objective: Students will be able to follow a series of lessons that will help them discover what they need as they search for jobs that meet their interest and needs; to help them identify what is best for them personally.

Looking for new opportunities? Whether you’re planning to switch careers or searching for your very first position, these guides will help you plan and research a career path. You’ll learn how to identify your own needs, look up salary information, gain new skills, and create meaningful career goals.

  • Materials: computers or tablets, earphones, internet access
  • Time: a student will need at least 45min. to move thru most of the links
  • Pre-Lesson: Just before starting this activity or the day before you plan to do this activity lead class discussion of job goals, plans, and dreams. Discuss past careers in home countries and maybe even education and the possibility of what might be similar here in the US.

Ask each student to make a list of careers they are interested in pursuing here in the US. (this is like a rough draft and may change a bit before the student goes thru this activity.)

Computer lesson: have students log onto

  • Click bottom left on CAREER (picture of a briefcase). A row of choices will appear along the top, select Career Planning and Salary
  • From here the lesson is self-paced depending on what the student wants to focus. As the teacher you may want to skim this before class and direct the students to a particular screen. 
  • Choose from topics:

 Discover Career Needs: helps decide what you will need skill or education

Explore Careers: use a large data base of lists of jobs EXTREMELY helpful!!!

Salaries: base salaries from 2010 stats

Job Skill: lesson on how to get a job thru learning skills not just going to school

Career Plan: finally, how to set a plan into action

  • There is so much on this link; as a teacher you may decide to go a different direction with this lesson. Hopefully this is a catalyst to get you started to help your ESL students to work on a Career Plan.