Dictionary.com as a Classroom Resource

Dictionary.com as a Classroom Resource

Help your intermediate to high level student (level 5/6, Transition or ERV) recognize the usefulness of a dictionary and the multiple features of the dictionary.com website.

Objective: SWBAT (Students will be able to) use www.dictionary.com as a resource to understand vocabulary in context by practicing researching at least 3-5 vocabulary words on the website.

Time: 30-60 minutes

Materials: tablets or computers, internet access, ear phones (optional)

www.dictionary.com is a website that offers much more than a definition to a word. It also clearly shows that many words have a noun, verb and adjective use. It has audio to practice pronunciation, a link for sentence examples that use the word, and a list of synonyms for the word. You can find quotes using the words.

The home page of the site has word of the day, quotes of the day and thought provoking questions and information.

This sounds like a commercial for the website but if students take a day and practice using it; it could completely change how they read and understand and help them leave their translator at home.


Warm-up: (You may use a vocabulary word from a lesson you’ve worked with or use the following) Start with the vocabulary word CHARACTER, put it in a sentence:

The character in the story was courageous when he tried to save the children from the fire.

The character of the criminal was questionable.

Ask students what character means in each sentence. (of course if you think some students may know the difference, choose your own vocabulary examples)

Practice 1:  Have students log on to www.dictionary.com and take a few moments to get familiar with the website and show students the various features: word for the day, games, quotes…etc

Practice 2:  Have students type character in the [search dictionary] bar.

    • Help students look thru the various definitions. Show the students you can expand the list of the definitions
    • Teacher shows Ss the noun, verb, adjective and idioms this word is used as.
  • Application: have students write a sentence using the vocabulary word for at least 2 of the different parts of speech; to be turned in for correction.

A list of vocabulary words from a story from Even More True Stories, Level 5. Use your own if you have an activity you will be working on. Use as needed for practice.

Meadow          surrounding                 shovels            enormous         investors          convinced drills                       chest                           pirates              treasure                        examining

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