ESL and Civics Lesson Plans Online

Ready-made ESL and EL/Civics Lesson Plans

Hello fellow teachers!

As part of our ongoing EL/Civics Grant project, we are putting our civics lesson plans online.  Please check back periodically for more lesson ideas from our ESL instructors here at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.


The level for which the lessons were designed is listed below, but all of them may be adapted for other levels. They are organized in order of level (LEIS levels 1-6 and Transition/”ERV”).  Some lessons will open in a browswer window, but many of the lessons will DOWNLOAD straight to your computer in Word .doc or .pdf form, when you click on them. 

Levels 1,2,3

Telephone English, Using Skype (Level 2-3, possibly Level 1) – by Shanna Stinehour

President’s Day Lesson (Level 2-3) – by Dee Shell;  Handouts/Examples: HandoutVocabulary, Pictures: WashingtonLincolnThe White House

Levels 4-5

*U.S. Geography (Level 4) – by Shanna Stinehour.   Handouts:  U.S. RegionsU.S. State Abbreviations, The 50 States Song Lyrics

*International Birth Rate Comparison – Database Lesson plan (Level 4-5; Intermediate) – by Shanna Stinehour

*America, The Land of many Face(Level 5) – by Joyce Munsell.  Handouts/Examples:  Reading-ImmigrantFamilySuccessStory, Reading-ArrivingInVirginia, Reading-FulfillingTheirDreams,Language Work_Support and Encouragement, Grammar-PastTense-Questions

Levels 5 and higher

*Recycling Lesson (Levels 5 and up; high-intermediate) – by Sarah Sutton   (This one may take a minute or two to download.)  Click here for access to the Landfill Tour .ppt presentation.

*Current Events: Exploring News Sources (Levels 5 and up; high-intermediate) – by Shanna Stinehour.  These are lesson plans and online resources for reading about and researching current events. The lessons are designed for four 2.5-hour periods, but can be adapted to fit other lengths of time. This wiki also provides detailed instructions and resources for students to do a “WebQuest”  and to make either a newspaper, a podcast or a digital presentation.

*Civics Quiz Bowl (Level 5 and up) – by Nancy Simpson.  Handouts/Examples: 100 Civics QuestionsSummary of the US ConstitutionSide 1: American History timelineSide 2:  American History timeline# 1-100 Chart,Sample of Written EvaluationExample of Game WheelPhoto of Nancy Simpon’s Class!

*Higher Education in the U.S.: The Transition to College (Level 6, ERV and up) – by Janneke Bahamon Handouts/Examples: Goal Setting Handout, College Admissions Vocabulary, Scavenger Hunt (Student Copy), Scavenger Hunt (Teacher’s), WTCC Admissions Application

*Socrates – Lesson Plan (ERV and up) – by Paul Winebarger  “Socrates’ Thoughts on the Meaning of Being a Good Citizen” – Socrates Lesson Materials


More Lesson Plans!

UPDATE: More lesson plans are available on the “Basic Skills Exchange” Moodle.  Take a look:

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3. On the next screen, scroll down to and click on Development.  (You may not need to do this step if you see “Basic Skills Exchange.”)

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5. On the next screen, scroll down to 5) EL/Civics and click on EL/Civics Lesson Plans

6. Click on CIVICS-BOOKLET-2009-Levels_1_to_6. This is a large file and may take several minutes to download.

Happy teaching!