Exploring the Wake County Library Online

Civics Computer Lesson: Exploring the Wake County Library Online

by A. Thompson – October 2013

Objective: SWBAT (Students will be able to) to find a library close to their home or ESL site and discover several things offered by the local library by exploring the website to answer the following questions.

*Take the time to find the location closest to your ESL site and make a few questions specific to hours, events or services to that library.

  • Have students go to the following link to begin the “Scavenger Hunt” of the Wake County Library; www.wakegov.com
  • You will want to copy and paste the following questions (without the answers) to a page to project as your students work or print out for them to read as they search.

Time: 1 hour

Materials: Computer, internet, paper, pencil

Work with a partner to search the website for the following items:

  1. How many libraries are there in Wake County? (20)

Can you find the one closest to your home or ESL site?

  1. Find at least 2 events at the library that you would be interested in attending. List what the event is and when/where the event takes place. (storytimes, joblink classes, etc.)
  2. What do you need to do to get a library card? Make a plan to get a card if you don’t already have one. (photo ID and addressed mail to show proof of residents)
  3. How long can you borrow a book from the library? (2 weeks)
  4. Can you download a book to a mobile device? (Yes, to a Kindle or a Kindle App on a PC (“Personal Computer”), a phone, iPad, or other device)
  5. Are there computers that you can use at the library? (yes on a 1st come 1st serve basis)
  6. What are the hours at the Cameron Village Library? (M-TH, 9-9, F/SAT. 10-6, Sun 1-6)
  7. Are there events schedule at the Cameron Village Library that could help you improve your job skills or help you find a job? If so, when is it? Yes, M/Th @ 9:15am

From the information you found in numbers 2,3,4,5,6, & 7; name 2 things will you likely to do in the near future to help improve your English at a Wake County Library.

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