Geography/Technology Civics Lesson: Where are you from?

Geography/Technology Civics Lesson: Where are you from?  

Objective:  Students will learn to use Google maps to find location of cities and countries as well as directions from place to place and public transportation routes.  Students WBAT (will be able to) create/ask/answer questions in the present simple tense and record what their partner tells them. Students will learn about the images section of a Google search.

Time: 60 Minutes

Materials: Computer, Internet, Google Maps, Projector, paper, pencil/pen


  • The teacher shows the location of her hometown on a map using Google maps. She will use a projector to show the students a large map on the screen, students will also be instructed to go to Google maps on their computers/tablets and search for the same town.
  • Teacher will show them how to zoom in and out.  Teacher will also show them how to “get directions” and explain features such as switching to/from locations, finding public transportation, and the traffic explanation (Google maps takes satellite information about traffic) for travel time.
  • Teacher also shows what comes up with a simple Google search of her hometown.  She highlights Wikipedia and using the images section of Google search to find pictures.
  • Students will work in groups to develop questions about the town.
  • The teacher writes these questions on the board and corrects grammatical mistakes.
  • Teacher answers the questions about her hometown.
  • Students then work with a partner.  First, one student uses Google maps to show the location of his/her hometown, then does a Google search to find pictures and other information.  The second student looks at these pictures, asks the questions created by the class, and records the answers.  The students switch roles so that the second students can show pictures of her hometown and the first student asks the class-created questions.

Finally, the students turn in the answers they recorded to the teacher to be corrected and returned.

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