Job Application Lesson (Beginning to Intermediate)

Job Application Lesson beg-int

Job Application Lesson (Beginning to Intermediate)

Objective: Compile students’ personal information to assist them in filling out a job application.

Time: 60-90 Minutes

Materials: tablets, internet, printer, documents containing personal information, school history, past jobs list

Pre-lesson Work: Compile personal information

Lesson Activity:

1. Students will use the documents they bring to class as well as the internet to fill out the personal information worksheet below (taken from You may go through this exercise with your students which will show them step by step how to fill their personal information: Also go through any vocabulary which seems to be new to your students.

2. After students finish their personal information worksheet they can go to the following link to do an exercise on reading an application;

3. Students may complete this exercise taken from our blog where you can answer questions about personal information on an application. After answering the questions they can log on to the hotel website to fill out an application for themselves.

4. Finally here is a website with a ‘fake’ application your students can practice filling out with their personal information worksheet.

Personal Information Worksheet

Complete this information for students’ records. Students may find it helpful to use this information when filling out job applications in the real world.

Current Contact Information

Name (first, middle, and last):


Address (street, city, state, and zip code):


Phone numbers (including area code)

* Home:

* Work:

* Cell:
Email address:
Driver’s license number (including state and exp.):
Social Security number:


Former Addresses:

List in order, from newest to oldest. Include street, city, state, and zip code.




Educational History

School name:


School address:


Course of study:

Graduation/completion date:

School name:


School address:


School phone number (main line):

Course of study:

Graduation/completion date:

Other Trainings and Certifications

Workshop, training, or certification:
Provided by:



Employment History

Company name:

Company address:


Company phone:

Name of supervisor and title:

Your title:



Dates of employment:

Hours per week:


Reason for leaving:

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