Lessons from External Sites

There are great websites out there that have wonderful lesson plans that can be easily adapted for our Wake Tech ESL classes.   This page list sites that are FREE.

ESL Virtual Library of Lesson Plans – a huge set of  lessons plans that were developed in various North Carolina community colleges.  Explore this site – there are gems is every nook and cranny.  Here are just a few

  • North Carolina Curriculum Guide – detailed lessons organized by topic
  • EL Civics Curriculum – Three year project that has lessons on a WIDE range of areas from government, citizenship, community resources, the legal system, American culture, consumer education, money management, personal information, parenting, employment, and forms. Check out  Year 1,  Year 2 and Year 3 .
  • Survivor North Carolina – interesting health literacy lessons focusing on leading causes of death in NC : heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic lung disease and diabetes.

Minnesota Literacy Council Curriculum and Lesson Plans – a series of guides with detailed lessons running from literacy  to GED. Check out

iCivics – website founded by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor meant to provide students and teachers with materials for reinvigorating civic learning.  The teacher’s part needs login  but provides free lesson plans and activities.

The Internet TESL Journal site (ITESL) has pages for lesson plansEFL/ESL Lessons using PowerPoint ,  and other lessons and projects in  Things for Teachers . Be sure to check them out

LanternFish / BogglesWorld – has many teacher resources including lessons – look at these sections for ideas

Using English –  has short targeted lesson plans for specific grammar points