Web Tools for Lesson Planning

Web 2.0 Tools for Lesson Planning –

http://rubistar.4teachers.org/– rubric generator

www.wordle.net – enter any text to make a word cloud

www.classtools.net/fb/home/page– create a printable “facebook wall”

www.teach-nology.com – a wide variety free printable materials, customizable graphic organizers, worksheet generators, bingo card maker, lesson plan generator

http://www.educationworld.com/tools_templates/index.shtml – a large selection of printable templates

www.teachertube.com – youtube for teachers

www.engvid.com – free video English lessons

nces.ed.gov/nceskids/createagraph/default.aspx – create a graph, chart and graph generator

larryferlazzo.edublogs.org – interesting blog and an extensive collection of “best of” lists for using technology to teach ESL

www.uiowa.edu/~acadtech/phonetics/about.html# – a great resource for teaching pronunciation

www.easytestmaker.com – test generator

http://www.catpin.com/bubbletest/ – bubble test generator

www.discoveryeducation.com/free-puzzlemaker – free puzzle maker

http://www.eslhq.com/worksheets/   – free generator of various worksheets, board games,  flashcards etc