Marshall’s Reading Skills

The English Blog has carried a link to Marshall’ Reading Skills for a long, long time. Teachers at all levels have found it to be a valuable resource of reading materials for their classes. Some sites have many of the stories available in hardcopy as part of their resources. If you are not familiar with it, you are missing a key resource. It provides:

  • an array of stories, grouped by 16 levels of difficulty
  • stories that  are relatively short and meant to be used with 1 minute timings 
  • audio for each story – within group 1, audio at 3 different speeds are given
  • pre-reading questions and vocabulary, comprehension questions and writing prompts

The Marshall site itself provides documentation on how to use the stories to increase reading fluency. 

I have used Marshalls for years but one of the challenges has been finding individual stories to fit the topic I am teaching.  I finally created a “master” table grouping stories by topic and by level. This table only applies to Group 1.  (Someday I will get to Group 2!). Note that stories can be under multiple topics.  It’s  in doc format so you can customize to your needs and the third column can hold your own notes.

Since I often use Marshall’s in my computer lab , I  created my own student handout  that has instructions on how to use Marshall’s and a log (rather than a graph) to record their progress.  You can use the PDF as is or customize the doc format  for your needs. I hope you find them useful.

Happy Reading!