Money Lesson (Lifeskills) – All Levels

Money Lesson – All Levels

This lesson is for students of any level of English who are new to the U.S. and unfamiliar with American currency.

Link to the Word .doc version of the lesson: Money Lesson 

Objective: Practice with Counting Money. Instructors: you will want to make sure that you have done a lesson preceding this one that teaches your students what each coin or bill represents and how to add them up. The links below will reinforce any lessons you have done on money in your classroom.

Materialstablets, ear phones


1. This link will take you to an interactive exercise that will use counting skills to help your students count change.


2. This link will help the students count big bills and play the teller to cash a check for a customer.
3. This link will take you to an interactive game that lets you select and buy drinks and snacks from a vending machine. Students will need to select a snack or drink and insert the correct amount of money into the machine to pay for it.
4. For a little extra help this link takes you to a basic counting change exercise.

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