ESL Lesson: Navigating the WTCC ESL Blogs

The Wake Tech ESL blogs were created using funds from the EL(English Literacy)/Civics grant. The Central ESL blog site can be accessed via the web address:  All other ESL blogs can be accessed from the Central Blog.

This lesson will walk you through various parts of these websites.

Navigating the Wake Tech ESL Blogs

Objective: Students will be able to answer questions about Wake Tech’s ESL blogs by locating information and links that are found on the blog sites.

The long-term goal is to have students become more familiar with the ESL blogs in order to use them as a resource to practice their English at home as well as in class.

Explain to the students that our ESL blogs are based around 5 topics:  1) English Language; 2) Civics, Culture and Community; 3) Job Skills & Opportunities; 4) Computers & Technology; and 5) Teacher Resources (for instructors).


Below is a list of vocabulary words you may want to to pre-teach before you begin the activity.

URL the address of a specific website. It cannot have spaces or certain other characters. An example of a URL is

Blog (weblog): a regularly updated website or web page, written by one person or a small group

Blog post: a written message that is put on a blog

Link: words that when you click on them take you to another webpage

Sidebar: the space (margin) on the left side of each blog; it includes links to our other ESL blogs and other useful websites

Menu: each ESL blog has a menu on the left sidebar which can be used to access all other ESL blogs

ACTIVITY – Answer the following questions using the Wake Tech EL/Civics ESL Blogs.

  1. How many ESL Blogs are linked to this Central blog?  (hint: count the blogs on the left sidebar)
  2. What are the names of the ESL Topic Blogs?
  3. At the top of the page there is a link titled “Registration Dates – Spring 2015”. Click on that link. What are the registration dates at your current site?
  4. Click on the “Job Skills & Opportunities” blog. How many current job opportunities are there?
  5. Go back to the Central Blog. Find the Citizenship link. Where are the Wake Tech Citizenship Classes (CTZN) offered?  What day and time do they meet? How can you get for more information about these classes?
  6. Click on the “English Language” blog. Name two helpful links for practicing English.
  7. Go back to the Central Blog. Imagine that you want to know if class is cancelled due to winter weather. Look at the menu “Student Resources” on the left side bar. Select the page that will give you this information. According to this page, name two TV and two radio stations that you can look at to tell you if class has been cancelled.
  8. On the left sidebar under “Student Resources” read Make a Comment (“Leave a Reply”). What do you need to write under leave a reply before you can write your comment?
  9. Try to make a comment (“Leave a Reply”) on a post or page from one of the ESL Topic Blogs.
  10. Click on the “Civics, Culture and Community” blog. Look at the menu on the left side named “Recent Posts”. Name two posts that have been put on this blog recently.
  11. [For Instructors]  Go to the “Teacher Resources” blog. Skim through the 8 posts -from the Sept 25 post at the bottom (“News in Levels”), to the latest post on the iCivics website.   Which post is your favorite? Which has ideas that you could use with your ESL class? 
  12. List 2 or 3 interesting or helpful things you have learned from Wake Tech’s ESL blog sites.