Skype lesson

Skype Lesson (this link takes you to the printable Word .doc version)

EL Civics Computer Lesson: Using Skype (Beginning to Advanced)

The amount of reading in this lesson makes it better for higher levels but you can always work with the information to make it appropriate for your level. There are a lot of visuals once you click on the link so an intermediate to low student might be able to follow this lesson if they are familiar with computers.

Definition: SKYPE is a service that lets you call other Skype users anywhere in the world and talk to them for free! For example, a way to talk to family members in different parts of the country for free. It’s a way to call people abroad (on their phones or cell phones) for less money. It is a way to be there for important life events when you can’t be there in person.

Objective: Students will learn what Skype is and how to set it up and use this internet tool.

Materials: Computers or tablets with internet access and a web cam if you have one and the person you are contacting has one you can see each other on video.

Practice 1: follow this link, and you will find a super easy lesson to set up your account and make your 1st step to talking to your friends and family!

    • On this link you can choose to watch a video to understand the process or read thru a handy guide.
    • You will need to enter some personal information, choose a username and password. Go ahead and decide on your username because that will be what you are called when you log in on Skype.
    • This lesson will take you thru downloading the program to the screen you will see the 1st time you try to use it…
  • Application Once you’ve followed the lesson link, take the time to follow the steps to set up and account and start skyping with a friend that has the program!

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