Wake Tech ESL Curriculum

As of June 2016, the entire Wake Tech ESL Curriculum has been updated and re-designed. The 6 links below show the curriculum for Levels 1 through 6, along with 10 sample lesson plans for each level. Each level has 10 units (modules).  Each lesson plan corresponds to an objective (or set of objectives) in one of the 10 units.

The TOPICS for the 10 units are the same at each level : 1) Personal Information, 2) Time, 3) School, 4) Relationships, 5) Health & Safety, 6) Food, 7) Shopping, 8) Community, 9) Daily Living, and 10) Housing.

Within each unit are 6 separate STRANDS: Foundational ESL, Vocabulary, Grammar Focus, Civics Skills, Workplace & Technology Skills, and Academic Skills.

    ESL Curriculum

We welcome constructive comments and feedback on this curriculum and the accompanying lesson plans. Please leave comments, ideas and questions in the comment section here:                                     Feedback on ESL curriculum