Level 4

Low Intermediate ESL

CURRICULUMLevel 4 Curriculum.pdf

LESSON PLANS: The following lesson plans can be used to teach the curriculum objectives for ESL Level 4. There are 10 lessons plans. Units 2, 4 and 7 do not include lesson plans. Units 1, 6 and 10 have two lesson plans each.

The “PDF format” (.pdf) documents contain: 1) the lesson plan and 2) all the worksheets or handouts needed for the lesson.

The “Word Documents” (.doc) are separated into lesson plans and worksheets, both of which you can download and edit. On most computers, these Word Documents do not open in your browser window. When you click on then, they are downloaded directly to your computer.  Note that WS stands for worksheets or any handouts that are included in the lesson plan.

 Unit Lesson Focus  PDF Format  Word Document
 1 – Personal Information  Career Exploration Career Exploration Lesson.pdf

Career Choices Magazine.pdf

Career Exploration Lesson.docx

 Want Ads  Want Ads Lesson.pdf   Want Ads Lesson.docx

 2 – Time      
 3 – School  Goal Setting  Goal Setting Lesson.pdf   Goal Setting Lesson.docx

 4 – Relationships      
 5 – Health and Safety  Paragraphs  Paragraphs Lesson.pdf  Paragraphs Lesson.docx

 6 – Food American Culture  American Culture Lesson.pdf American Culture Lesson.docx

 Instructions  Instructions Lesson.pdf  Instructions Lesson.docx

 7 – Shopping      
 8 – Community  Job Safety  Job Safety Lesson.pdf   Job Safety Lesson.docx

 9 – Daily Living  Small Talk   Small Talk Lesson.pdf  Small Talk Lesson.docx

10 – Housing  Interviews  Interview Lesson.pdf  Interview Lesson.docx

Writing Emails  Writing Emails Lesson.pdf  Writing Emails Lesson.docx