Writing and the Adult Learner (2018)

On Saturday, January 27, 2018 ,Rebeca Fernandez and Kirsten Schaetzel presented 3 workshops focused on Writing and the Adult Learner. 

Academic/Professional Writing and the Adult Learner: Where do we go from here?

Writing and the Adult Learner Presentation in PDF format

This session  examined the current place and practices of academic writing with adult learners and presented a new vision for giving academic and professional writing prominent status in adult education classes. After briefly reviewing the results of a 2015 survey about academic and professional writing in adult education, they looked at the characteristics of academic and professional writing and explored ways of incorporating writing activities in all levels and subjects.  They presented four principles to follow to focus on writing. This sessionl presented the first two: 1) people learn to write by writing, and 2) the “Habits of Mind” needed for academic and professional writing can be incorporated in any subject class at any level of English proficiency.  The 3 and 4 principles were in the next 2 workshops.

Any Lesson Can Be a Writing Lesson  

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This session began by examining research literature on the relationship between writing and the other language modes. Second, it reimagined traditional adult ESL approaches to literacy by proposing writing-centered alternatives. 


How Can I Write It? How Can I Make It Better?

How Can I Write It in PDF format

This session began by focusing on writing tasks, audiences, and purposes to help learners understand what a writing assignment is asking them to do. It delineated principles for tackling writing prompts and following them while writing. Second, it presented ways teachers can give learners feedback to improve what they have written. 


Rebecca and Kristen recommended a  great book called  “They Say, I Say”.   

Also mentioned were

  • A good reading series from our own Wake Tech author: At the River by Shelly Lee (Many of our sites have this book)
  • A good NC book: When I Was Young in the Mountains for modeling grammar   this youtube video reads the book aloud for higher level students