Translate the Blog

Would you like to translate any page of the blog to your native language?  Use Bing Translator to translate ANY URL. 

  • Just copy the URL you want translated,
  • Click on this link =>  Bing Translator
  • Once you are there, copy the URL into the first section (# 1 in the example below)
  • Change the language in the second section to your language ( #2 )
  • Click on the URL in the second section ( #3 ).  It may look the same but it will open a new tab with the translated website.   Links to new websites  clicked on that translated page will continue to be translated.  
  • You must close the tab to stop translation.

Below is an example of the Central Blog URL being translated to Spanish

Screen Capture – by M.Yanez

Here are the URL’s of our student blogs:

Central Blog
English Blog
Jobs Blog
Civics & Community Blog
Citizenship Blog